Friday, June 4, 2010

50th Post and Last Day at CIDEF

This week has gone by so quickly! Between visiting Paris one last time and then Chartres and doing it all between finals, it has been a little crazy over here. I visited the Pompidou Center and the Pantheon while in Paris, both the last things on my "To-See" list in Paris.

With Pompidou, the Louvre, and the d'Orsay, I've covered the most general view of French Art History. Pompidou was very fun and sometimes confusing but there's modern art for you sometimes! For me it was fun to see THE classic Dada art piece, "La Foutain," by Duchamp (as seen below).

I didn't buy a thing at the museum but I vote the Pompidou gift shop as the most fun museum gift shop I've ever been to (no pics as they were forbidden- sad). It has wonderful prints of all prices and the housewares section gives all sorts of ideas to make your home, too, just like a modern art museum...that is to say you'd actually want that.

How do I describe Chartres? I can't really except when I walked in the South Entrance the first things I noticed were the echoes of my footsteps that seemed to bounce off in all direction and the only thing on my mind was, "This is what someone fantasizes about when they think of being inside a cathedral." It is one of the most huge and magnificent made-man sites I've ever seen. I tried going around and taking pictures to fully illustrate how gorgeous and gigantic this building is, but found that to be a near impossible task. Like so many other sites, this one is under restoration now, too! I think I've been following a theme throughout France.

There is a special shrine to many French Catholics called Our Lady of the Pillar. It is a statue from the Middle Ages that has been appealed to by French children in times of crisis in France. Madame charged me with two Euros to light a prayer candle at the cathedral for my safe leave of France and for her family and my own. It was an immense honor.

Off to review some more this morning! Oral Expression is this morning and Art History in the afternoon. I got quite a lot to do!


  1. I enjoyed the pics and so glad you cld visit all you wanted to in Paris before leaving France. It is hard to believe this experience is ending. Off now to new adventures! May they be as blessed as this particular one. Let us know when you are safely settled in England.

  2. Liz,
    Peanut butter cookies!! Yesss! I love the man-catching chop stick commentary. Really love the group photos with your OOhhlala haircut (I have known French folk who said all the stereotypical exclamations and wonder if you hear that at all:) Footsteps in Chartre.. now there's a memory. My only disappointment is that you bought nothing from this last amazing museum giftshop:) On the other hand, who needs fake clutter when you have the real thing in your heart, mind and blog? Bon voyage!


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